Baby its HOT Outside

I don’t know what the temperature is like out where you guys are, but in LA its HOT!!! It has been above 90 the past few days. It got me thinking about summer and laying by the beach 🙂

Fashion Kitty Goes Outdoors

This kitty doesn’t really enjoy going outdoors- unless there is sand, a cocktail, a crappy magazine and maybe a cute boy or two…or three.

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3 thoughts on “Baby its HOT Outside”

  1. haha! i know what you mean. it is supposed to be over 100 here this week and there is no way i’m going outside unless it involves water!

  2. wow, above 90? it hasn’t been quite so hot where i live… yet. but i know the hot weather is coming on! ick, the humidity is going to be HORRIBLE for hair.

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