Workin On My Fitness

Workin' on My Fitness

Tools and more that help me keep in shape!

You know I love my S Factor. It is re shaping my body and my attitude. I recommend everyone try it. If you live near a studio they have intro classes that cost $40. The actual class is pretty darn pricey but its so worth it. $440 per session, which lasts 8 weeks (2 hour class one day a week). I shell out the cash without blinking an eye because it makes me happy. I wish I had more time to take more than one class a week, but I don’t – so I put up a pole in my apartment and own the DVDs.

Favorite songs to S to (mind you some of them I would never listen to on a regular basis, but they are darn fun to dance to)

  • Marilyn Manson “I Put a Spell on You” and “tainted love”
  • Hole “Violet”, T.I ” What You Know”-
  • dirty old Fergie “London Bridge”
  • Rob Zombie “Living Dead Girl”
  • Bjork “Hunter”

Do I have any other S gals out there? Let me know if you have ever tried it and what you think.

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3 thoughts on “Workin On My Fitness”

  1. OOH I would love to try it, but there are no classes anywhere near me. I do, however, take belly-dancing which is also fun.

    Is the pole in your room permanent or can you move it around???

    I was thinking of trying Carmen Electra’s DVD.

  2. I can take down the pole and move into other rooms. The attachment looks like a plant hook so when you take it down no one will know the difference.

    I have tried all 5 of Carmen Electras DVD’s- they are fun but not nearly as good of a workout as S Factor- but they are certainly worth a try.

  3. I go to a place called Body Talk in Baltimore. It’s owned by a group of black women who used to be (or still are?) exotic dancers. The classes are off the hook and they offer polerize(pole dancing), and exotic moves. My favorite song to get my naughty on to is Give Me Body by Beyonce. I haven’t advanced to the pole yet, but you certainly sound like you’re dong your thing if you have one at home!

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