silver bell


Ghetto gold is so last year. Now its silvers time to shine, and boy is it shining. Leave it to luxury super brands like Fendi to pave the way for the metallic trend this Spring season. If a giant $2,300.00 bag doesn’t gel with your budget don’t you worry because the metallic trend translates all over the product spectrum.

For a minimal effect go for silver accessories such as jewelry or shoes. Don’t care to wear the trend? Try outfitting your home in silver duds- from lamps to polished silver picture frames; everyone can sport silver this Spring.

2 thoughts on “silver bell”

  1. I’m a huge fan of silver anything, it’s more hip and stylish than gold in my opinion so I love that you blogged about it. But while I LOVE to keep up on trends, I’m not one for the ultra-trendy looks when it comes to my fashion pics. So I look for trendy accessories to add to my wardrobe such as new purses, shoes and my favorite, jewelry! I found a new website called which has an AMAZING selection of sterling silver and white gold earrings. I’m in love with their hoops! And the best part is, it’s great quality at a decent price, so everyone should check it out. Keep it real fashionistas!

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