Price Upon Request

….do we really wanna know? Wouldn’t be awesome if that meant the product was so cheap that writing it down would be shameful, instead of this cost more than most peoples income and we don’t want to make anyone cry today. The joy I would have if I called up Dior and asked for the price of skull ring and they said “oh that will be $55 miss” A Kitty can dream can’t she.

Christian Dior Skull rings
Onyx Cartier Ring

Louis Vuitton Robot Charms

How much do you all think this stuff costs?

4 thoughts on “Price Upon Request”

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  2. I don’t know. I hate it when they say Price Upon Request. Then I know I can never afford it. Those Christian Dior rings don’t look like they’d be very expensive, but with the Dior label slapped on them they’re bound to be out of my price range.

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