Uncle Sam screw you big time this year? That means its time to trim back on those spending sprees. I for one will not sacrifice my shoes, clothes, home decor, and entertainment— sorry I just can’t do it. What I will cut back on is food. A steady of diet of candy and diet coke usually does the trick for me; that is until my teeth start aching (which can’t be a good thing). What I need is substance, but on the cheap of course.

What’s a girl to do? A girl to get a crock pot that’s what! Slow cooking takes zero skills and you can get away with using less than fabulous ingredients. Just let that baby cook away on your inexpensive eats and turn it into something edible. My crock pot of choice- Hello Kitty, of course.

And if scrubbing and cleaning after your frugal feast makes you want to run to the nearest fast food dump for a 99 cent meal… Don’t do it!! Just pick up a pack of Reynolds Slow Cooker liners and cleaning will be a snap.

(via my ThisNext blog post)

3 thoughts on “Kitty-isms”

  1. Oh my God I love this crock pot! It’s completely inappropriate for my very grown up kitchen, but I want it. I have been addicted to Hello Kitty since I was 7 years old so I will be on the hunt to find one of my very own.

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