Closet Purge

I have been reading…well trying to read Tim Gunn’s Book; A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style- OMG it’s dreadful. I love Tim Gunn (that’s why I bought the book) but love this book I do not. The writing is horrible and the advice/ guidance is blah. I am hoping it will be get better- but I am doubtful.

Any-who, as bad as this book is it has inspired me to give my closet a much needed purging. Tim Gunn made me think ‘why the hell do I keep clothes I don’t wear?’ Sounds simple enough, but I am sure we can all relate. Just random shit that you are waiting to fit into (although I do believe that every woman should have at least ONE piece like that- feels so good once u get into it), cheap clothes you wore once, something you bought just because it was on sale…you get the picture.

So began my purge. I got rid of ill fitting jackets, non-designer jeans that I would never be caught dead in, out of shape tee shirts, things with missing buttons that weren’t even worth replacing. All of that stuff totaled 3 giant bags of stuff. I was so proud.

Now to fill it back up 🙂

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  1. I was inspired by the season change (not Tim Gunn) but I’m doing the same thing!! I love it because it makes me feel like what’s left in my closet are only the things that I really love!

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