Tyra Update!

I had the opportunity to see Tyra in person this past weekend- she was standing about a foot away from me at the NAACP Image Awards. I have some things to say; some positive and some negative (alright mostly negative).


  • Tyra has a gorgeous face (big forehead and all- still a beauty)
  • Tyra has a SERIOUS presence about her. She will go very far I believe, dare I say Oprah-esque (and you know that is secretly Tyra’s life dream)


  • Tyra is an amazon woman. She is huge, both width wise and height. Those photos of her in the bathing suit were not doctored.
  • Tyra is clearly uncomfortable with this weight (hence a series of awkward poses)
  • Tyra is getting a bit DIVA on us. Out of the bevy of celebrities I saw, she was the only one heavily guarded by her body guards (come on Tyra no one is going to hurt you at the awards)

Side note- Naomi Campbell and Keri Washington are fricking GORGEOUS!!!!!!

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