Tyra, Can We Talk?

Words can’t even describe how disgusted I am with Tyra Banks…But I will try.Don’t get me wrong she totally makes me laugh (totally in the I am laughing at you type of way). She is a wanna be Oprah, a has been model, and and overly expressive freak.

Here is what pisses me off though (and I resisted touching on it before)- this fat wars! I think its fine that Tyra is plumping up. I mean she isn’t a model anymore, her career is fine- so who does she have to impress? She can have her money and eat and drink all day. I would if I could but I like having a hot body.

So anyway… If Tyra is so proud of being big why is wearing 18 pairs of Spanx, why is she always concealing her mid section with a belt all the time or a damn corset. You know that trash isn’t comfortable! Why when she walks out in the audience in her swimsuit is she wearing heels? And posing like a damn fool! WHY WHY WHY is that Sports Illustrated cover so airbrushed that it looks like a cartoon??? Dammit Tyra! If you are going to be “fat” then be “fat” and stop pretending to be skinny. Clearly you are longing for the day that you were skinny so DIET. Diet and exercise like we all have to.

But you know what Tyra… You can’t Spanx your arms!!!!!! We saw those fat flotation devices on America’s Next Top Model last night, we saw them. We may not have seen your stomach past your empire waist and stack of photos in front of your belly- but we sure did see those arms.

Tyra, if you want to make a stand. Show a damn roll, look like a “real”woman.

Dammit Tyra!!!!

4 thoughts on “Tyra, Can We Talk?”

  1. wow.
    everything you said was on point.

    i thinks its just that she’s really insecure with the media attention she always gets.Plus it doesn’t help that her peers, like Cindy, Heidi, and Naomi don’t get negative press, and are still sometimes modeling.

    well written.
    congrats on a new reader. 🙂

  2. Wow.. Very well written.

    Honestly I think its perfectly fine for her to conceal a certain part when needed. It’s not just Tyra’s choice it’s also the producers and her publicist who determine what she shows and how she shows it.

    Let me back track for a second.
    I have been a publicist for a minute now and had the oppty of meeting a very nice model who is in the spotlight. She is not ” railthin” so of course the media is constantly on her regarding her weight and why she does not choose to embrace her curves. Frankly it was not by choice, her publicist at the time who was also my mentor required her to wear certain items when going to events, television appearances etc..However when you see some of these celebrities on an “off”day many dress comfortable and do not care what shows. Tyra’s network according to a source requires that she maintains this supermodel persona for the top model show and her personal talk show.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Love the blog and would like to Blogroll with ya.


  3. Ha, I love this. Though what Tyra is doing is very chivalrous in a way, saying it’s okay to not be a rail, the fact is she was once a very sought after model. It’s obviously hard for her to not be as thin as she once as, so I think she needs to put up or shut up. I still LOVE Top Model.

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