A Sad Sad Shoe Story

Has a pair of shoes ever broken your heart? Or that bitch that got the last pair of Chloe Velcro Wedges broken your heart?

Yesterday I was shopping on Robertson and stumbled upon a pair of navy blue Chloe velcro wedges- they were on the sale rack. I picked them up and they weren’t marked on sale so I went back to ask the lady how much they cos. When I got back this yackety BITCH on her cell phone had grabbed the display shoe and put on IT WAS THE LAST PAIR and she was like “oh i am getting these”. They were almost $800 and marked down to $225. Not to mention the SOLE purpose of my trip was to find navy blue shoes.

It ruined my day, my closet, my spring wardrobe. If ANYONE can find these shoes online you will be rewarded somehow. Seriously. Thats how much these shoes mean to me.

3 thoughts on “A Sad Sad Shoe Story”

  1. oh no! so sorry to read this…anyway, next time, just carry it, so noone could not have it! 🙂 wish u getting a pair like that in a cheaper price!! *crossing my finger for kitty*

  2. That’s happened to me, and it’s always some annoying bitch who’s so excited to have found whatever it is I wanted. In my case, a pair of suede Marc Jacobs heels at like, 90 bucks. ARGH.

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