Omigod…I am so LA!

I couldn’t resist the valley girl title ( no I do not live in the valley- don’t get it twisted)but I have to admit my East Coast-ness is slowly fading away. I still have my East Coast edge (dammit) I am still mean and bitchy (that is just ingrained in me) but I have started to embrace some LA fashion trends.

For example-

Juicy Couture: East Coast Fashion Kitty hated Juicy Couture, where West Coast Fashion Kitty thinks that Juicy’s Charm Bracelet is genius, the Terry bags are adorable, and what’s so bad about a hoodie anyway?

LAMB: East Coast Fashion Kitty thought this celebrity fashion line was a bust, where West Coast Fashion Kitty think’s LAMB is the shit! The handbags are to die for ( I really need to stop talking about them and buy one) and the clothes get better and better every season.

What’s next?

Only time will tell but… When I first moved here and saw people wearing winter scarves with a spring like outfit I would burst into laughter- now I am starting to realize a little coverage on the neck is pretty helpful when a breeze comes through…

And maybe…just maybe ridiculous boots aren’t such a bad thing. They are just so easy to slip on. Right? I haven’t slipped into that path but I am just saying I won’t be shocked if it happens.

3 thoughts on “Omigod…I am so LA!”

  1. Great post. I can relate somewhat living in a major city then moving to a small town. I love all that Juicy tracksuit, terry cloth. I adore my charm bracelet and charm necklace and when wearing yesterday when someone asked where I got it from.

  2. Nothing is wrong with the rest, but everything is wrong with the tracksuits, especially when worn as an outfit outside of the comfort of your own home. Just say no! 😉

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