The Hotness

I was on the fence about these Valentino shoes, but I have deemed them the hotness! Look at them. Perfect for going out for a drink or a sexy night out. Pair it with a little black dress and an over sized white leather bag an you are out the door.

Get them on $690These Tom Ford are also the Hotness! I peeped ( I am feeling gangsta right now) these in the Nordstrom catalogue and I feel these must be mine. $340 just seems to be the norm for designer sunglasses these days, my Gucci’s retailed around $400 ( I got them at a discount but whatever) and I don’t regret them at all, in fact I still wear them and plan on wearing them all summer. BUT I do need an alternative pair in a non-brownish color. I think these will fit the bill quite nicely.

3 thoughts on “The Hotness”

  1. Me likey!

    Personally i think the pair which should be deemed “The hottness” comes well and truly in the form off these to-die-for Giuseppe Zanotti shoes
    They could command a room, or the hottest a-list swarray.
    don’t you think?

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