Dear Fashion Kitty: How to wear polka dots

Hi am 22 years girl from California and I love this new trend of these Polk-a-dot stuff but I am thick girl, gorgeous but think, so my question is it for me at least a do or will it make me look a big spotted cow?!!!

Short answer. No, you will not look like a big spotted cow.

Long answer. Are you nuts!? Haha, just kidding- but that is the craziest question I have gotten yet. Of course you won’t look like a spotted cow honey! Wear your polka dots and wear them proud. I wouldn’t recommend wearing head to toe spots (anyone will look like a fool in that). Choose one piece (preferably the top) and wear a nice solid on the bottom.

And with any piece pick something that will accentuate the good and downplay the bad. Go for a wrap top like this one, they are always slimming.

top from

If you aren’t comfortable enough to go full on spots, show a little peek. Look from

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  1. To “thick” girl, I too have a bit of meat on my bones and a rather ridiculously large chest that won’t go away no matter how much exercise I do, but, I see polkadotted things all over. Some are cute and some leave much to be desired. However, I do have a really cute jumper that I got that has pin dots. Those are the real small dots. If it’s the trend you are going for, try and get a smaller dot rather than the large overpowering polkadots! 🙂

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