Cosmetic Quickies


Putting on your makeup too fast can end with some pretty terrifying results. Apply your lipstick in the car, hit a pot hole…end up looking like Courtney Love circa 1994. Go the Homer Simpson route by using a “make-up gun” (just make sure that bad boy isn’t set on whore)…

Getting your makeup fix quick doesn’t have to end in April Fools-worthy results. There are many time saving products on the market that help you look as pretty as a picture (or at least an acceptable member of society).

Making your lips perfect doesn’t have to be a multi step process; try Bare Essentials Quick- Stick it’s a lip liner and ultra smooth lip stick all in one. Lips not enough for you? Benefit has you covered. How about lips and cheeks in one handy package AND this package fits in your pocket! And for the gal who wants it all, there is NARS The Multiple. This chunky stick warms eyes, brightens cheeks, adds color to your lips, and even highlight your body if you so desire. That’s one heck of quickie!

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