Let’s Hear it for the Birds

Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg Robin

I am on home decor kick, so today I went shopping with that purpose in mind. Today my drive for interiors took me into Studio City where I found this awesome antique store. So many neat knick knacks, chandeliers, pictures and just interesting stuff. The lady that worked at the shop was nice and whacky in a good way- so I felt at ease to take my time and I really wanted to buy something from her.

I took a few circles around the store and saw these awesome bird figures (a size that can sit in the palm of my hand). Now I hate birds. Seriously, the creep me out. But I was drawn to these white iron birds and at $10 I had to get one. So I pick up the birdie and take it to the register. The shop owner tells me that she has certain customers that buy these birds and they become addicted to then. Reason? Birds are supposed to bring you good fortune if you face them towards a door way. Weird but cool.

I go to my S Factor class and then do a bit more shopping afterwards. Go to a different store- and there is another bird figure. I had to buy it- 2 birds in one day ( I see a problem coming about). Now I have 2 birds. One in my living room and one in my bedroom, both facing the door. I think this shop owner is on to something. I will let you all know when I am rich (it’s fast approaching 😉

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