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When I find great little shops I am torn between being greedy and keeping my good deal secret to myself and telling the world. When I was back in Washington, DC it was my favorite vintage store Eclectic Threads, gosh do I miss that store. I was able to get my wardrobe filled with cute and original vintage finds for dirt cheap (man maybe I need a trip home- I am getting nostalgic). Since moving to Los Angeles I haven’t really filled my affordable shopping void. Sure there is plenty of great shopping here, but price can be a struggle…

Flashback to my evening commute home… right before I get on the 10 in Santa Monica to head home I pass this boutique called Dame. I crane my neck and peek at the window telling myself one day I will go in. I start thinking of this store all the time “I wonder if its cute”. “I wonder if I can afford anything in there”…

On Friday I stopped being an idiot and went in. Boy am I glad I did. Hello my void is filled. Dame has a great mix of pieces with a nice wide price range. The majority of the items were very reasonably priced and the higher priced items were those of my favorite brands (Meghan Fabulous and VOOM).

How did I do? Frickin’ fantastic for about $150 I got a cool hat, a wrap dress, a pretty heart and flower necklace, and cream flutterly sweater vest. Best part? The service rocks! The girl working was so nice she brought me plenty of stuff to try on, she was super helpful and so polite (the store closed at 8, I got there at 7:30 and she wasn’t rushing me at all) AND they are having a huge sale.

I plan on making MANY return visits and soon.

725 Broadway, Santa Monica CA 90401
(310) 394-2402

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