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Friday I will be attending an awards show and I need to dress black tie- not a typical attire of Fashion Kitty here. I have 3 dresses from Betsey Johnson (of course) that fall under that category- I haven’t got any wear out of them so there is no harm in pulling them out of the closet for this event. No need to spend money if I don’t have to, right? Well I do enjoy spending money, I am quite good at it! So maybe a new pair of shoes in what I need.

I am lusting after so many, what do you all recommend? One dress is all black. one is teal (and very long) , and another is pink with a black overlay and flappy beads at the bottom. The shoes just might be the thing to help me decide which dress to wear.

Drop me shoe links in the comments section and help a kitty out!

Shoe Crazy

5 thoughts on “Shoe Me”

  1. How about d all black dress with those leopads print peeptoes?..dat way it won’t be too dull…I’m not d most fashionable one here..but dat’s something I would go for if I were you… 🙂

  2. I like Tamika’s idea – I have a pair of red Stuart Weitzman stilettos that I have worn with my simple black dresses to a couple of events and every time I get tons of compliments! Otherwise, I love the leopard C.L.’s on your post!!! (With a red purse, of coure!)

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