A Practical Pantied Valentine’s

On Valentine’s Day most blogs are probably going all pink and red on you. Talking about diamonds, chocolates, sexy lingerie…and that’s fine. Heck I think I blogged about Roberto Coin diamonds last year- perhaps because I got some (I mean that in every way possible). This year I am alone on Valentine’s Day so kinky underthings just aren’t in the cards for me this year. So here goes some practical, comfortable and affordable underthings (and you won’t believe who they are by)…

HANES! Yes Hanes. My last memories of Hanes undergarments were my mom buying me 6 packs of underwear when I was in elementary school. Well times have changed and I am no longer in elementary school. I got a few Hanes items just to see if I could get some good bras/ panties on the cheap. Guess what? I can and they are fantastic!

Hanes All Over Comfort Bra- Seriously this bad boy is comfortable and there are no hideous lines so its perfect to sport under little jersey dresses. Plus the straps are nice and wide at the base to hold up them C’s. Oh and did I mention its only $9.99

Hane’s Perfect Panty (Boy Shorts)- Now I am a thong girl, so I wouldn’t wear these everyday- but I found they are perfect for working out in. So tight waistband or riding up when you are breaking a sweat. Comes in a 2 pack (hey better than that 6 pack bikini bottoms that Mom used to buy me) Mine are pink stripes; $8.00 for 2.

As for those who do get to wear kinky undies… Lucky! LOL

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