Only 1 Day Left!

To enter my contest! There are so many great entries it’s going to be very hard to pick, and its going to be hard for me not pick up some of the awesome items you all recommended.

So enter away and stay tuned I will announce the winner here on Ask Fashion Kitty!


Win jewelry from Filthy Gorgeous and a guest spot on Ask Fashion Kitty.

Tag It “AFK”

How to Enter

  • Recommend items that show your signature style
  • Tag your recommendations “AFK”
  • Multiple entries increase your chances of winning
contest prize: Jewelry from Filthy Gorgeous

1 lucky person will receive an embroidered cuff from Filthy Gorgeous, a vintage Domino necklace also from Filthy Gorgeous AND a guest contributor gig on Ask Fashion Kitty!

I give you all the gift of fashion daily (aren’t I kind) but I never actually give you gifts. I wish I could give all of my readers something but I don’t have that kind of scratch. So I want you all to bring out your cat claws and fight. Fight for the title of the “The Second Most Fashionable Kitten Around.” – Me being the first!

We all have a signature style (yes even you!) and I want to see yours. Just tag your favorites “AFK” (that’s for Ask Fashion Kitty). I will spy them out and crown the “Second Most Fashionable Kitten” title!

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