Once a Betsey Girl…

Always a Betsey Girl.

Its no secret that I love Betsey Johnson- even when she makes fashion flubs (I worked there for years and there was some really scary flubs. No matter what she does- Betsey Girls are that for life.

I went by the Betsey Johnson on Melrose yesterday to pick up my most FAVORITE pair of shoes ever. My leopard print Polly Pumps (which are out of production). Years ago the heel broke in a grate on the sidewalk and I refused to throw the broken shoes away. When I told my shoe sob story to the girls at Melrose, they told me bring them. Miracle of miracles they are fixed and gorgeous.

I of course took a cruise around the store and Betsey really is stepping it up big time (unfortunately the prices are too). I also checked out the footage from her Fall show and its a totally different BJ, and it’s HOT. Check it out….

2 thoughts on “Once a Betsey Girl…”

  1. Fashionkitty,
    I couldn’t agree more. Betsey’s show at NY Fashion Week was totally calm and collected; she’s constantly changing stuff up and I think she’s genius!

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