Kitty Loves Mac and Barbie

As one of the first to break the news of the Barbie Loves MAC line, you know I have to be the first in line to check it out. I picked up the much hyped Barbie Doll, who is now sold out and selling on ebay for a small fortune. I also picked up the lipstick and lipglass (which looks adorable on me); however I am currently sitting in my apartment plotting my return to MAC to pick up the rest of collection. Well maybe not the whole collection- but I do need the smudge proof eye liner, the Springtime Skipper green eyeshadow, and perhaps the Playful eyeshadow as well. I suppose I will have to see what’s left.

One thought on “Kitty Loves Mac and Barbie”

  1. I didnt even see the Barbie make-up! I was in such a frenzy to just get the Barbie! Perhaps when there is no ice outside I will venture back out and get the ultra cute lipglass! And thanks for reminding me about the Barbie!!!

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