Kitty Had a Little LAMB

Kitty had a little LAMB

A celebrity clothing line that didn’t turn out to be crap and I want every bit of it (almost every but)

I actually had a dream about bag pictured top right- except in the rasta print (which would be foolish to buy, but I would accept it as a gift). The thing about the LAMB bags that I am liking is the fact that they have a classic look to them but are a bit now as well. I like that they are considered “designer” with a smaller designer price tag (meaning 3 digits instead of 4+)

The trench is just perfect for me. I mean HELLO its leopard and I am all kitten 😉

What do you all think of LAMB? In or Out? Am I just turning LA? First it was the Juicy Couture acceptance and now celebrity clothing lines….Should I be smacked?

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2 thoughts on “Kitty Had a Little LAMB”

  1. LAMB is a HOT designer label and gwen stefani has always been one of my biggest fashion icons. she takes risks and incorporates different styles, such as the rasta culture in her line. gotta love it 🙂

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