I Dig It: Dsquared2

Getting a quick fashion fix with Dsquared2’s Fall 2007 line- and I dig it. Sure its super goth, creepy and wierd- but it speaks to me. And yes I plan on replacing my inky black nail polish (so over it) with silver metallic… But that doesn’t mean I am banishing black from my wardrobe. I like this dark super evil look, its high time we start scaring people again with fashion.

What do you think? For more Dsquared click here>

4 thoughts on “I Dig It: Dsquared2”

  1. I know what you mean. As different we are from the punk goth scene, I can’t help but to be mesmerized by the morbidness (and the coolness) of this dark, mysterious aura. I like it!

  2. i really luv the black top in that 1st pic. i’m such a fan of dark jeans, my black satin collared shirt and black slouch boots over my jeans! its one of my fav outfits!!

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