Howie, Howie, Howie…

Watching Deal or No Deal is a guilty pleasure of mine, there are so many dopes and freaks on the show that I can’t help but to tune in. Perhaps the bigger freak dope of all is the host Howie Mandel. Howie seems like a nice enough guy, he is doing pretty well for himself but there is this one thing that I have started to notice that is bugging the hell out of me…

Howie’s rings! Not only does Howie wear a lot of rings he wears a THUMB RING. Men shouldn’t being wearing thumb rings *unless they are MEGA cool and somehow can pull this ridiculousness off*. Men have no business wearing thumb rings. The only ring acceptable on a man is wedding band. Also pimps can wear pinky rings because well they are pimps and can do whatever they please.

Ladies what are your thoughts on men in rings, and is anyone else noticing this mess besides me?

3 thoughts on “Howie, Howie, Howie…”

  1. Yes, I’ve noticed, and Howie can wear any ring he wants because he is ultra mega super duper duper cool. MEGA cool is not a big enough word to describe how cool Howie is. Glad I could get that all straightened out for you.

  2. Men wearing rings reminds me of that one scene in “The Princess Diaries” (I could be wrong about the movie, but I’m fairly certain this is where it’s from) where Anne Hathaway is getting her hair done, and her stylist has to slide of his 12 dozen rings into this little bowl. That part always amused me, but ever since I think a wedding band or class ring is the only acceptable man-ring.

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