Hats for Britney

Because Britney decided to lose her damn mind this weekend and shave her head- I have decided to pick out some hats for the struggling starlet. Britney has really screwed up this time but we need to think of this in a positive light; perhaps she can reinvent herself and bring bald heads and hats in style. Highly unlikely but she does need to cover that alien head up while her hair grows back.

*** Crazy Britney picture from my fav. celeb gossip blogger Perez Hilton. Hats top left- ShopBop the brown and skull hats are from ShopIntuition.com and the black and blue hat is from Ravinstyle.com

4 thoughts on “Hats for Britney”

  1. Post partum depression is a beast!! I didn’t shave my hair off! Great picks…She need to throw on a couple head wraps and vintage scarves and rock it. She’ll be okay…she got get on Wellbutrin.:)

  2. Hope the rehab works out for her… and I actually can’t wait to see her with a little pixi-cut in toffee blondy-brown. With good skin and no more cigarettes and redbull.

  3. Actually,the Black hat with blue tie is from voom by joy han. I saw the hat from their fall fashion show from last year. It is soooo cute!!!

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