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I do NOT agree with the writers assessment that cats suck! Because they are fabulous!!!!!! And I would totally carry a cat around if I had one. I would have one btw, I just don’t want my apartment to stink!

Are cats the new must-have accessory?

Last week Elise noted the trend of dogs as accessories. But now it seems that trend may already be shifting…to cats.

While the guy in the photo looks very cool, I see some practical problems with this. Namely, cats suck. They don’t like to be held, they scratch, and they’ll pee on you if you don’t succumb to their evil plans for world domination. Seriously — can you imagine trying to take a cat on a night out? Is there any way the two of you would make it home in one piece?

My proposed solution: stuffed cats. Get the look without the hassle. Go the child’s toy route if you’re into being cutesy, and, for the especially adventurous, stop into your local taxidermist to check out the selection. I dare you.

2 thoughts on “Finally!”

  1. Jonathan Morgan is wrong. Cats only scratch and are mean if you raise them that way. If you teach them not to use their claws then they won’t scratch and are a good momma to them from the beginning then they are loving.

    Stuffed cats? WTF?

  2. I know!!! Cats are so wonderful and nice if you are nice to them. No one will be picking up strays and strutting them around.

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