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Hi Fashion Kitty!

Great blog!

1) For next fall/winter what will pants be like? Is the skinny jean over? What is the silhouette for pants and jeans, wide, straight, skinny, bootcut? What is the waistline, low on hips or at the waist?
2) In general what are some trends for next fall/winter?
3) I will be wearing suits a lot next fall/winter (darn graduating and growing up) what are some ideas on what to wear under a suit jacket besides, blouses and shells?

Thank you, fashion fan

Great questions…I have the answers. Here we go:

1.) Fall/ Winter 07 has plenty in store for us. Here are some key trends for pants

  • Skinny will still be around, but wide legs are really making a comeback (thank goodness too)
  • Low waist is being replaced by a more natural waist to high waist
  • High waist trousers, wide legs, men’s inspired fabrics like pinstripes, tweed, wool
  • Colored denim in red, deep purples is supposed to be hot (juniors trend)

2.) General trends for Fall/ Winter 07

  • Extreme lengths; floor length dresses and tiny mini skirts
  • Tent and trapeze dresses, think 1960’s (contemporary trend)
  • Big dramatic sleeves
  • Looser cuts in dresses and jackets
  • Hot colors; burgundy, blue, green, gold, eggplant
  • Beads, appliqué, and embroidery in metallics
  • Accessories; structured bags, fedoras, greens will be big

3.) What to wear under your suit?

Depending on your work environment of course but I think it is totally cute to wear a cute vintage tee under your suit. Layered camisoles are adorable and trendy as well, just don’t show too much cleavage. Secretary tops look trendy and polished as well. The key is to have some fun with accessories and tops since suits can be so boring.

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  1. Thank God wide legs will be making a comeback. I hate skinny jeans – not just because I can’t wear them but because they just look skanky. Well I think, anyway.

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