Wild Over Walls

Most people living in apartments, like myself- either can’t paint or can but just don’t want to re-paint it white when you move out. Plus the thought of whipping out that paint roller and drop cloth scares the crap out of me. What’s a girl to do? A girl is to go get some wall decals. Afterall its way easier than painting and it just looks darn cool.

I think that these will go perfectly in my apartment, from http://www.chiasso.com ($58 for a set of 8)

Lacking a fireplace? Try a wall decal fireplace from Urban Outfitters

How about heads, paisly, cool sphers, birds, and much more… Go to Whats Blik to check out their massive selection http://www.whatisblik.com/

For more fun with walls check out Beyond a Can of Paint>

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