We Can’t be Friends Anymore

Louis Vuitton, we can’t be friends anymore… Okay that was harsh and I am sorry, its just that I ran across a new product of yours on eluxury.com today and it upset me. It upset me so much that it makes me doubt by my love for you. How could a friend do such a terrible terrible thing?

Huh? Don’t just sit there, explain yourself!!! Why on earth would you create a set of $230 hair clips? Who on earth would purchase these? Even if I had the money I still wouldn’t buy them. If I received them as a gift I would return them and buy myself a sexy pair of jeans. LV, these aren’t even cute. Think about it. If you insist on making hair accessories why not a nice wide leather logo print headband? Or some leather check patterned covered bobby pins. Sheesh… Okay I will forgive you, just promise not to do this again. Okay??

5 thoughts on “We Can’t be Friends Anymore”

  1. Sadly, these look like something I’d find at the 99 Cents store…I pity the poor label-whore suckers who would fall for them.

  2. I am going to agree with you both, no marc jacobs, we can not be friends anymore! We can not be friends b/c you are charging WAY to much for some damn hairclips that won’t fit in anyone’s hair! and yes, they do look like a nicely painted pair of metal clips that you could find at say, target!

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