This is Not a Resolution Part 2

Did everyone have a safe, happy and fun New Years? I hope so…well today is that epic day where you either lay in bed hungover or get your ass up and start on that resolution.

Well this is NOT a resolution, but it just happens to fall around resolution time… I blogged the other day about the S Factor; well I attended my first class on Saturday and frickin LOVED it. Seriously I can’t wait until next week. I left the class full of energy and ready to re shape my life. I dashed off to the grocery store got some good healthy stuff, I even went to crazy Costco with a friend so we could split those massive amounts of fruit and veggies (really its a great deal 20 kiwis for like $4)

Any way- I am really excited about my new “workout”; honestly it doesn’t feel like working out at all, it’s so empowering and FUN. I am also excited about re- training myself to not eat sweets like a crazy feign. It worked once, last time I dieted a few years back and lost some serious poundage I managed to not even crave those sugary bastards. Now I am not so intent on losing weight, I just don’t want to gain anything back and would love to have a healthy lifestyle that I can stick with FOREVER. Okay so losing that vanity 5-7 lbs would be nice too (as long as I dont loose the boobs or the butt)

Since I am always online and an avid blogger. I am starting to track my progress and am keeping a food diary online. It links right off of Ask Fashion Kitty, the link is called Get Fit (Click here to check it out)

Anyone out there have any NOT resolutions?

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