Super Saturday

There is something so lovely about a Saturday when you don’t have anything to do but enjoy yourself. No work, only fun appointments and pretty darn nice weather.

I woke up and jumped back five feet when I looked at my eyebrows, it was time for Irene– and she hooked the brows up! Then I trotted over to Betsey Johnson to take my beloved Leopard Print Polly Pumps to be repaired. They are my FAVORITE shoes ever in life. I broke them 2 years ago in a Washington, DC sidewalk vent. I couldn’t bear to throw them away (sick yes) luckily my girls at Betsey told me to bring them and they would see what they could do. Fingers crossed. I also found these must have items that will be mine after pay day!

Then it was off to S-Factor, it was shoe day- so I got to bring out the Stripperifics! What a workout. Killer bod here I come, its spectacular after 4 weeks of class I am really starting to see changes in the bod. Lovin it!

A finally the icing on my day, was selling my Motorola Q and replacing it with the Blackberry 8703e. I have no patience when it comes to phones I am sure I will be sick of this one in a matter of months too (but lets hope not)

Now its time to kick back with a movie On Demand and maybe even a cocktail…. Happy Saturday all 🙂

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