Just doing my morning email reads; the personal email account- no work just fashion! I always look forward to my email from Intermix Online. It’s not everyday they send emails so when I do get one I check it out. One of the features I enjoy is the Spotlight feature, this where you can learn about up and coming designers or a brand new line off of an existing company. This week I had to shake my head at the spotlight.

Why? It said “Spotlight- Rich & Skinny Denim… What are 2 things that every girl wishes for… 1.) To be rich and 2.) To be Skinny.” What is this world coming to! As if skinny jeans weren’t bad enough. Now our jeans have to be skinny AND rich. Well I suppose that had always been a mantra amongst women, but dag– keep it on the low. Sheesh!

These jeans are popular among some of the skinniest and richest… Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and model Devon Aoiki. With 6 and 7 inch ankles, you have no choice but to be skinny to get these on.

So skinny jeans lovers enjoy! Me, I am sticking to the flare- which reminds me I need a refill on my favorite pair of Taverniti So.

(Rich & Skinny price $198)

4 thoughts on “Seriously?”

  1. i think skinny jeans are trying so hard to be on the out… but celebs are still eating them up. Probably because their not eating much else…

  2. I love the skinny jean but come on! Companies are coming up with progressively worse ways to market their products. “Rich and Skinny” assumes we are a bunch of simpletons.

    Avoid this product because they are calling you stupid while they take your cash.

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