MAC Does Barbie

Name me a girl who doesn’t love Barbie, I dare you. Whether you loved playing Barbie with your friends, making little doll clothes for her, attempting to cut her hair, or even well… Ripping her little head off (sooo not encouraging that- just proving that everyone loves Barbie in some way or another.) Barbie has been recreated by designer after designer… Diane Von Furstenberg, super boho Anna Sui Barbie,track suit donning Juicy Couture Barbie, even the always classic Ralph Lauren Barbie.

Well watch out, the Barbie of all Barbies will be hitting shelves and our faces come February 13th. MAC Cosmetics is building their Spring cosmetics line all around none other than Barbie herself! You can purchase both the doll and the cosmetics for yourself. The packaging is signature MAC black with a pink vintage Barbie head cartoon on it. The color story- candy pinks, bright buttercup yellows, and warm greens.

I for one am very excited. I love Barbie and I am a sucker for new, cleverly packaged cosmetics. (coming soon)

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