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Most of you have heard about the iphone. I have to admit I am a bit intrigued, we all know my history with gadgets and things; I always want the newest one ALWAYS. For example, today I was shopping for a BlackBerry to replace my Motorola Q (yep over it already). Maybe I should be looking into getting an iphone, or has apple gone too far this time?

Here is a fine example of an isomething related product gone too far… Now I know Apple has nothing to do with this (not directly) but this is re-damn-diculous! ipants. Shut the hell up! What?!

From FashionWeekDaily.com…

(NEW YORK) WHAT: Everlast iPod pants

WHY: With less than a month to go until the Fash Week circuit begins, it’’s time to hit the treadmill (or more trendy Fluidity bar). But who can get in the zone sans up-to-the-minute Bose headphones? Everlast’’s new dance pants and shorts have pockets that let you turn on without your iPod dropping out—just slip the cord through the tiny slot and zip up. Plus, the sleek, form-fitting fabric, made from a blend of Everdi poly and LYCRA, helps whisk moisture away, keeping you dry throughout your workout. The activewear has been spotted on everyone from Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby to professional NBA and NFL dancers and —serious fitness fanatics only need apply.

PRICE: $36 (pants), $30 (shorts)

AVAILABLE: www.everlastwomens.com

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  1. Dear Fashion Kitty, I am not sure about an iphone, but getting a BlackBerry is a great decision. I love that little thing – although it might feel strange at the beginning for it’s bigger than regular cell phones, but you will find it very helpful and irreplaceable in the end 🙂

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