Not sure if I have shared this with you, but me and long time friend and fellow blogger My Purple World made up a word to describe awful things (like ugly clothes, stupid stuff on television) The word is GUH! Feel free to use it, its a great word.

So today’s GUH goes to none other than Tyra Banks. Tyra consistently earns a big GUH because she is a ridiculous Oprah wanna be who is gaining pounds by the second. On today’s Tyra show she was discussing how to look good for less money. Admirable topic- who doesn’t want to look good for a small amount of cash ( I know I do)

Here is the part that killed me- the beginning. Tyra brought out some audience members to show off their cheap bastard secrets.

#1 The Wiggy Weave– Some bamma had the nerve to chop up a wig and sew it into her head. STOP just stop, that is a damn mess! GUH!

#2 Flipping Clothes for Cash- This chick makes a girl day out of digging through clothes at the Goodwill and selling them at resale clothes for cash. STOP just stop, the shame in that…the shame. Fashion Kitty wouldnt be caught dead. GUH!

#3 Dumpster Diving! This chick goes into rich peoples trash cans at night and department store trash at night to get goodies! Its called getting arrested for trespassing. STOP just stop! Double GUH!

#4 The Pantyhose Monster take old stank pantyhose and cuts them up to make her own Spanx. Here is the thing about Spanx they are specially made to do that they do- you cant make them on your own. She also takes the lace off of busted up thigh highs and makes necklaces!!!!!! WHAT! STOP! PLEASE… GUH!!!!!!

I was pretty impressed by the Wasteland shopping challenge, those $30 outfits did look pretty good, but the good stops there. Tyra is a mess and gets a giant GUH from Fashion Kitty!!

2 thoughts on “GUH!”

  1. i love this post! GUH! Tyra is a DAMN mess! i’m going to miss your commentary lol!!! that “wiggy weave” was THE worst thing i’ve EVER seen! I mean I too like the whole dress for less thing, but there are lines to be drawn! especially that “shrimp” lipstick! no big Ty, that will NOT be included in that book! noone cares! I just hate when she tries to be all ghetto! and that hood rat “wiggy weave” mess was uncalled for!!! just so silly! ah! for some reason, Tyra’s show is just so DUMB but you can’t help but watch her cut the fool!

  2. hi! oh yAh, i just watched that a while ago (i just dunno if wer seeing the latest episodes here in Asia)
    Well yeah I agree she’s fat. haha:)
    Her arms are pretty big and she looks so wrapped in that grey dress. haha! The model looks so much prettier. Hope 2 ask Fashion tips soon.

    Like you blog

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