Dear Fashion Kitty

First, I must say that I truly enjoy your site and I check it at least three to four times a day. I am in desperate need for some fashion assistance. I have a pair of red patent leather boots (knee-high, Steve Madden). I have no clue of how to wear them. I am a mature lady of 38, and I need a chic but classy way to wear them. Thanks in advance.

Red patent leather boots are much more versatile than my purple patent leather boots (which I have been meaning to wear). With the right outfit your boots can look classy and hip, whether you are in the office or our on the town these are totally workable into your wardrobe.

What to Wear With Red Boots

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1.) For Work: I would wear a black pencil skirt (selection below is from Diane Von Furstenberg), and nice crisp un-tucked white top and a trendy yet classic black vest. Add in your red boots and a wide headband (maybe polka dots or leopard for some fun)

2.) For Play: A black shift dress with a super chic leopard print trench (like this one from LAMB) you can also go more basic with a khaki trench as well. Play up the glam look with red lips and you are good to go!

Enjoy your boots! Oh and whatever you do.. do NOT wear them over jeans, you will end up looking ridiculous.

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