Dear Fashion Kitty


I have a bit of a dilemma and stumbled upon your blog so I thought you could help.
I own a deep purple satin ( or maybe it’s silk) corset top that I am trying to dress down.

However, I can’t think of what to pair it with. Black makes it too heavy and drab, white makes it too stark a contrast.

PS I’m also going for a sort of sexy look.

I’m at a complete loss now.

Nice a sexy corset! I have been seeing some vintage corsets myself around town and really want to incorporate them into my wardrobe as well. Here is what I would do, let’s start from the bottom.

Nothing is sexier than a hot pair of shoes and some sexy jeans. Having both is key- You will love the shoes and feel sexy and confident, the guys can NOT resist a pair of good ass jeans (its true). Pick your best jeans, my choice would be Taverniti So. For shoes, the sharpest sexiest “I mean business” pumps that you can find, I would choose my black patent leather Stuart Weitzmans.

On the the top, depending on how much sex appeal you want, you have options. I like to go for a less obvious sexy- so I would pair a white button down underneath and leave it unbuttoned at the bottom with the sleeves rolled up. More sexy, I would add a bolero to cover up the arms and leave that cleavage exposed.

Keep the accessories very minimal. Keep the bag to a clutch, no necklaces- just a ring.

Good luck with your corset! And don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Thanks for reading!

How to Wear a Corset

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