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Hey Fashion Kitty! I just discovered your site and I really like it. I need some serious fashion advice. I’m a teenage girl in high school, and I have two pairs of skin-tight faux-leather boots (one pair black, one pair bronze) that end right under the knee. I know they sound heinous, but both pairs are actually really cute. Now, my problem is, I really want to know what to wear them with, like if I were going to the mall with friends or something. The only thing I can think of to wear them with is an black pencil skirt, but I think that would look too working-mom. Any suggestions?

Hi there! So glad you discovered my blog. I always love new readers and new questions 🙂

Since you are a teenager I highly advise against the working-mom look (actually I would never advise that look) And because you own such fab boots- I am going to assume you are a fashion forward gal who loves looking her best…

When I first read your mail a look immediately came to mind…

A flowing v-neck jersey dress that hits just below the knee, layer with a contrasting tank underneath. For accessories… If you opt for a solid dress add a necklace. Also make sure you carry a nice big slouchy bag to dress down the look- add your boots a viola! You are super chic for hanging out.

The key is to make the look very eclectic. With such rockin’ boots it would be shame to pair it up with a boring old pencil skirt.

Colors I like with bronze- Red, Cream, Navy

For an adorable Mod look with the black boots- try this but add a little jacket to make it more casual.

*Both dresses from Nordstrom BP

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