Dear Fashion Kitty

How do you reattach the original hem if it’s cut off the jeans? I have heard this, but won’t it have the old seam and a new one?

Hi there,

I would never attempt this skill on my own, sure I went to fashion school and learned to make jeans in the process- but I leave this handi-work to the tailor. So head to your tailor ask for the original hems on your jeans. If they look at you funny, run…run far away. Places like Nordstrom know how to do this as well and any reputable tailor will as well.

I also found some sites that explain how to do this on your own. Experiment at your own risk 🙂

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  1. Oo, that’s super helpful. I’m always needing to hem things and have gotten creative with how I do it but this looks to be definitely the easiest route.

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