Dear Fashion Kitty

What is the appropriate length that your jeans should be from the floor? I am 5’0 and have all my jeans hemmed. Then if I wear a tall pair of boots sometimes I think they are too short because I can see some of the heel. I have always had it in my head that you shouldn’t see much heel at all and you jeans should almost meet the floor. Is there a standard on this?

Great question! I happen to have my own set of standards for denim length.

Rule #1- Gotta have 2 sets! Now these dont have to be 2 complete sets, but you should have jeans you wear exclusively with flats and a set that you wear with heels. For someone who is really denim obsessed like myself- I have pairs that I weight with super high heels too.

Rule #2- See plenty of toe and barely see that heel! – I hate to see too much heel. If you want to see heel try wearing a skirt or a dress. Seeing the heels of shoes over like a quarter inch makes me think “high waters” However you should see the toe on your shoes, if not what is the purpose of shoes you may as well get your feet surgically altered to have Barbie Feet.

Rule #3- Get a proper tailor- Once you find a tailor that can get this concept right stick with them for life. If you are unsure or testing a tailor, try getting some cheap jeans or tailoring jeans that won’t break your heart if they turn out bad.

Rule #4- ALWAYS USE THE ORIGINAL HEM! It just looks better and more polished.

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