Dear Fashion Kitty

I’m having a seamstress make this dress for me to wear to my engagement party in 2 weeks but I can’t find a similar belt to attach to it. Do you have any ideas on wear I could find something like this?

First of all… So loving Christina right now! I am over hating her for stealing Gwen Stefani’s look because honestly she just looks better at this point. Her body is on point! And her style is finally not looking all trashy and hookeresque.

Second… Beautiful choice for the dress. It was hard to tell from the photo exactly what the belt is made of, so it made the search pretty unsuccessful.

I searched the web for a belt that you could just buy online but everything looked so cheap and fug. Here are 2 options for you:

Option #1- Hit the vintage stores! Seriously I bet you could something totally original and gorgeous, plus vintage shopping can be a blast too.

Option #2: Have the seamstress MAKE the actual belt, and find a cool buckle on a place like ebay or etsy (like this one here)

Best of luck with the best and honestly even if you don’t find it- you will look fantastic.

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