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I’m from Italy. I have a question about a new brand that opened last w-end in my outlet shopping village (FIDENZA VILLAGE): It is LUCKY BRAND, I’ve just have a look at thei web site but I haven’t bought anything yet. Do you know this brand and what do yow think about it? I found this jeans not too bad and not too expensivebut I was wondering if they are a good denim product with a good quality. I thin they have pretty classic models with mid rise and bootcut so they seem ok for my figure as I wear a 29 and I don’t feel too well into skinny models.

Thank you very much!Have a nice day

Me personally, I do not wear Lucky Jeans… I like to go a bit more premium with my denim. However I do recommend them to other people, especially men. The great thing about Lucky Jeans is that they are for everyone. The come in so many different cuts and lengths. Added bonus they won’t cost you a fortune. From my experience with Lucky Jeans ( I bought a very special person their first pair, then they were hooked) they hold up nicely in the wash, make for a good booty and the denim doesn’t get all thin and weird.
I cruised the site and here is what I recommend…

Lil’ Maggie Jeans $98- These jeans are perfect for slimming and elongating. The dark was will streamline the body, the lowrise is sexy in the front and a higher rise in the back covers up that thong!

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  1. I do not care for the fit of Lucky Jeans, or the weight of the denim–I tried a lot of their styles, and find that they are too big in the thigh/hip area –giving an illusion of a saddlebag when I have long lean legs– hey! Most of the time Jeans shopping is easier for me, I like premium jeans as well as cheaper jeans–it is all about the fit. I love skinny jeans but feel their time here is limited.

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