Dear Fashion Kitty

I have this pair of shoes that I got about a year ago. I absolutely adore them, but am unsure what to wear them with. They are nine west and I believe they are a gray wool/flannel or something like that. They have white stitching.

I was thinking maybe something retro, but I am open to anything!

Please keep in mind that I only wear skirts/dresses, the shortest they can be is right below the knee. I have to have sleeves, at the least, short sleeves.

Since your shoes are pretty flashy I would keep it simple and classic with the outfit. On the bottom a black high waist pencil skirt that hits right below the knee- with a tiny slit in the back to help with movement! I find that is the key to a perfect pencil skirt.

On the top, a simple 3/4 sleeve white button down and for a litte flash perhaps a cropped vest. Have a little fun with the make up… play up the retro thing with a bold lip color.

This simple but elegant outfit will be sure to bring out the “Where did you get those shoes?” questions. And if it is a little too simple, add in some fun black jewelry.

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