Cause I Got it Like That…

Today I took my first trip down the “shady” side of Hollywood Blvd. I was out to buy a pair of “stripper shoes” before my S Factor class. After going into trashy store after trashy store I didn’t have any luck. Either there were no shoes in the store or they only had size 10 and up for big drag queens. So I took my shoeless self to class (which was AWESOME by the way)

After class we were referred to the correct store to get shoes without feeling totally cheap. Tony’s Shoes on Hollywood Blvd. I went crazy!! S Factor class just gives you this magical sexy power like you can take on the world. My world just happens to be shopping…

I bought a pair of 6 inch platforms in neon pink (same as below but pink). I also bought a similar pair in pink Maribu feathers, and picked up some booty shorts! One black velvet with a front zipper and a blue pair that ties down the back of the legs (okay the ass- they are too short to cover leg) I feel like a damn star! Love it!!!!!! Now only if I could incorporate these into my everyday wardrobe 🙂

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