Best Darn Candles

Candles are just something a girl needs. There is nothing better than relaxing in a wonderful smelling home (no matter how small and cramped your apartment may be). I remember when I was living in my first apartment in DC, one of my gal pals came over and said “Ah…your apartment smells like a girl!” She had been living with her boyfriend and was robbed from girl smell. What a shame.

Girl smell doesn’t just show up! It occurs from many sources- 1.) Keeping a nice clean apartment 2.) Opening a dag on window every once in a while, I don’t care what the weather is like outside! and 3.) Fresh flowers (really, they just make you feel all nice and pretty and finally 4.) Candles and room sprays!!!!

I have recently just been buying random candles from Target, while some had a wonderful fragrance- they just weren’t lasting very long. While doing some weekend wandering I ran into a very cute random store- where they had some lovely candles. Now these weren’t those cheapy beepy candles like at Target, these were like $20 and up candles. BUT they are sooo worth it. Not only is the smell much better they burn much longer. Some up to 50 hours!

My favorite of the bunch is by Botanicus. It was hard to decide on a scent, there were so many good ones. Sugar Pear, Honey Suckles…but my favorite was Guava so I just had to fork over the cash and get it. So glad I did too. It smells wonderful and my house is so girlified now. Now I just have to find a shop that carries other Botanicus products, I so need the soaps and room sprays.

One thought on “Best Darn Candles”

  1. i LOVE when I walk into my apartment after a dumb day at work and i am greeted by many many wonderful girlified smells! due to my hook-up at BBW I have lots of stuff that I love, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my oil burner! Even after I have blown out the candle, I can still smell the oil fragrance in the air for about two days! there is nothing more relaxing and girly than yummy scents to greet you when you walk in the door!

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