Are Anchors Back?

Is it just my imagination, or was the nautical look the “it” trend last summer (or was it the summer before?) Whenever it was or wasn’t it’s back. Are the designers running out of ideas of what summer means? Florals are an obvious choice, fruit is always nice, gingham reminds me of a nice little picnic, insects can be cute- the nautical look is obvious especially since we JUST saw it.

But a trend is a trend so here are some cute nautical looks for you to incorporate into your last years nautical wardrobe. My personal favorite is the bag by Juicy Couture ( I think I am officially turning LA- more on that in a later post)

Nuts over Nautical

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One thought on “Are Anchors Back?”

  1. coming from a punk, rockabilly girl, they never left. I’m eyeing a pair of Tripp pants with anchors on the pockets. I am totally biting off this girl I saw at court. Don’t ask!

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