70’s Charmer

If I were ever to don a jumpsuit, you better believe this would be the one.

Honestly, I can’t even imagine where I would ever wear such a thing- and the more I picture myself in it the more frightening the picture becomes…. Me going to the tailor getting a good 4 inches taken off of the bottom. My boobs popping out making this TIBI jumpsuit look a bit trampier than it even intended to be.

But on the flip side, my hair would look great with it and it would be rather comfortable too. Hmm and actually with my Betsey Johnson espadrilles, I could be tall enough. And who said a little cleavage was a bad thing?

Wow in about 3 minutes I talked myself in, out, and then in again on a retro 70’s jumpsuit.

3 thoughts on “70’s Charmer”

  1. Don’t forget the biggest problem with jumpsuits–going to the loo. Picture yourself trying to hygienically disrobe in a public toilet and you’ll talk yourself right back out of it again! 🙂

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