Only Irene touches my eyebrows from now on…

Today I journeyed out to get a MUCH needed eyebrow waxing. It seems like some days you look at your eyebrows and say “eh, they don’t look too bad” then the following morning you can’t see where your brows end the lashes begin. It’s frickin scary! So I dashed down Melrose into the ultra cute Vered Salon. I have to admit, I usually just get the brows taken care of when I get my manicure (at whatever random place I choose) but today I didn’t have time for the hands so I just stopped into a salon that said WAXING on the window.

Oh and thank goodness I did. I have never EVER had someone take such good care of my brows. It took a long time before Irene (my new waxer) told me to sit up. BUT she still wasn’t finished- she had to perfect the brows and man are they perfect.

Good service is something you don’t just shoo away, I will be back to see Irene in 3 weeks for a beautiful wax/shape session.

Check her out on 8252 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046

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