Trend Poll- In and Out for 2007

You decide, what trends will be in and which will be out in 2007. The big hitters in 2006 were..

Super Skinny Fashionista: Between the stick thin models, celebrities, and even the clothes on the racks- small was never small enough. There is Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan (for a few minutes), Mary- Kate Olson, Kate Bosworth, Victoria Beckham, runway models, and sub zero sizes.

Skinny Jeans: Gotta show off how skinny you are right? I guess- I for one am rebelling against them and shoving a taco down my throat. What goes up must come down, so perhaps the same will hold true in ’07… What goes skinny must go wide.

Red Lipstick: Red lipstick had a pretty good year too. Gwen Stefani always has it tattooed to her face and Christina Aguilera also took a shine to the trend. It seemed like everyone was out for the perfect shade, I found mine in Christian Dior– but as a true fashionista I have moved on to the perfect pink (thank you Nars). Question is will everyone else follow suit and ditch the dramatic reds?

Uggs: Suddenly everywhere you turn there is a new pair of Uggs casually thrown somewhere like they never went out of style…. Pretty slick Uggs. Well I knew the trend died but it seems like it is slowly being resurrected.

What do you all think? Vote and tell the world. Also feel free to drop a comment about trends you would love to fall over and die AND which you would love to see come to life in 2007.

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4 thoughts on “Trend Poll- In and Out for 2007”

  1. I started using red lipstick this year, Viva Glam I by MAC. I love it, and I don’t think red lipstick can really go out as long as do it right with the right shade and such. To me it’s a classic.

    Give me those 5 lbs, or maybe 10. I would have been a fatass but my stomach flu made me bulimic/anorexic for like five days (currently shoving french fries down my throat). The jeans are sagging in the ass!

  2. Wait…what exactly are you asking? On the poll, you ask “What will be out?” and on the results page, you ask “What will be in?”

    Either way, I hope Uggs die- I’m sick of seeing them!

  3. Skinny jeans will never out.
    I am not a Uggs fan anyway so I have to agree my upstairs. I thought ballet flat was pretty hot in this year.

    Merry Christmas…


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