Today I Fell in Love…

It was a pretty dreary day in Los Angeles today… Didn’t stop me from some Saturday afternoon shopping. You see this was my first weekend where I didn’t need to be chained to my computer working, so a silly rain cloud was NOT keeping me in.

Cupid struck in Marc Jacobs and it was not the cute doorman– it was this charm bracelet this BEAUTIFUL charm bracelet. I usually don’t bother to try on things I know I can’t afford but this took my breath away (no really I almost fainted). This chunky charm bracelet was filled with charms! A stam bag, a doggie, marc jacobs perfume, avaitor sunglasses and more.

The salesman helped me put it on and my wrist felt so damn beautiful- until the sexy doorman said “Nice huh? Too bad its $1300” Dream time over get this thing off of my wrist. The salesman said “Oh it Christmas just charge it” Haha silly salesman no way in hell can I validate that.

If anyone can find me a picture of this thing PLEASE email it to me. I have the image of it embedded in my mind but I would love to just look at what I can’t afford day in and day out until I can afford it.

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