Space Age Beauty

Over the Christmas dinner table, I forced my little brother to tell me about school. He told me about this video he watched that argues we didn’t actually land on the moon all of those years ago. Crazy I know- but his argument was pretty compelling. It got me thinking about space, and the future. Here we are approaching 2007 and twenty years ago we imagined we would be in silver jumpsuit and other space age clothing. That may be a far cry from the truth, but there are some “space” like fashion that are in for 2007.

Balenciaga “leggings”

Chanel Eye Shadow $75

Jill Stuart Daniella Corset Cami $495

i.d. Beautifully Luminous Lashes sparkling mascara $14

5 thoughts on “Space Age Beauty”

  1. what are those NoVA schools teachin these days. We totally went to the moon. How did we end up with moon boots? Moon boots would be better than uggs. guess we needs sum snow.

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